Work With Sarah

Sarah L Cook creates systems to effectively support professionals in business. As an author, speaker, business owner, and mom of three, she understands the importance of strategic systems for business success. Sarah works with individuals, teams, and businesses to optimize their social media presence and to build easy to follow steps for success at home, work, and life.  Sarah’s fees range from hourly fees for 1:1 coaching experiences to project fees for business environments.  Sarah is an effective and fun speaker sharing her real life experiences of designing and implementing simple to use systems for success at home and life. Her humor and down-to-earth pragmatism makes doing the difficult easy.

Image Consulting and Creating Your Style in Social Media

Strategic Coaching for Creating Maximum Tax Shelters within the Family Business Environment

Webinar Training, Hosting, and Management

Social Media Coaching and Strategic Systems Setup for Business Professionals

Systems for Management of Content Curation and Delivery across all Social and New Media Platforms

Strategic Coaching and Systems for Outsourcing as a Strategy for Success as an Entrepreneur