Tip Well and Tell: Systems for Growing Your Business While Living and Loving Your Life

I recently returned from a week-long business trip to TN, AL, and GA. Sweetie Berry and I worked with clients, shopped-til-we-dropped, and ate at some fabulous places. At every location the service was wonderful and the food was delicious. Being a systems strategist, I took notice that at every location, VERY similar positive experiences happened over and over – almost like a system for creating  “Win/Win/Wins” with the people we were doing business with.

Being with Sweetie, reaffirmed to me the lessons I learned from Dale Carnegie in his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Everywhere we went, Sweetie gave special attention to the people taking care of us (store attendants, servers, etc.). She would ask about them, their lives, and really strive to make their day. On our way out of each place, she always said, “Have a blessed day!” I also noticed that in most of the places we went, Sweetie had some kind of business relationship.

Today you’ll learn the “System” I watched happen over and over again the first few days I was with her. Just to make sure it worked, I used the same “System” on one of the nights I was with several of my friends from the Mary Kay Leadership Conference I was attending in Atlanta.  Take note though, it’s not a “System” for Sweetie, it is how she lives her life – sending kindness into the lives of others and being the go-to-girl for strategically creating projects that empower people.

What I am saying is, you can learn this “System” and it can become part of your life as well. When you do, you will be surrounded by the kindness and joy that you send into the lives of others just as Sweetie does.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Compliment and make friends with the server. From experiences I have witnessed, that when you are kind, you will get much better service.
  2. Upon getting great service, tip them well, and rave about the great job they have done.
  3.  If it is appropriate, on your way out, make it a point to talk to the manager/owner about the great job your server did. If it’s a very busy time and you can’t talk with them, be sure to follow-up the next day. This creates a perfect opportunity to create a win for your server and make the day of the manager/owner.

Like I said before, this system is a win/win/win –  a personal win, an experience win for the server, and a win for the employer whose business increases when both service, and employee are happy!

That’s it – compliment and show interest in those serving you, tip well, and tell!

It is so much fun to send joy into the lives of others. It makes their day and it leaves you feeling great as well.

Now for the “Growing your Business” part of this system, as you establish a relationship with the restaurant or business, it also potentially opens the door for you to be able to do work with that restaurant on a client basis. I saw Sweetie do that over and over again! It was such a joy for me to watch her  work and just BE with her!


  1. Sarah,
    Dear friend you are so kind to write about me. My Grandmother and Grandfather Geddie were the ones who instilled upon me the importance of valuing each and every person in front of me. They taught that we were to speak into the lives of others with kindness, affirmation and appreciation of the gifts God gave each person to share. One of the most important lessons I remember was when someone had been very rude to my Grandfather, and yet he remained kind, calm, and left a note on a napkin with a generous tip that said “Friend, I pray your day and life be filled with joy and peace” and another time when a manager had berated an employee, Grandfather spoke privately and calmly to the manager to gently say that the problem was the managers, not the servers. What an example of integrity he set. Grandmother Geddie simply loved learning and people, and I am thankful that trait she instilled in me as well.

    • Sweetie,

      I am so grateful to you and to your Grandparents who empowered you to breathe belief, hope, and kindness into the lives of others! What a legacy they left and thank you for carrying it on!

  2. Thanks for sharing what you learned. It’s a good reminder to be nice to people.

  3. Sarah,

    Thanks for your great organizational ideas!

    What a lovely post! Isn’t Sweetie aptly named? How fun that the two of you were able to spend some time together!

    Also…it’s so true…it’s all about relationships. Always. What are we here for if not to make life a little brighter than our fellow travelers?

    Wendy =)

    • Wendy,

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment! Yes, Sweetie definitely earns her name! All who know here are blessed by her! Absolutely, it’s about blessing the lives of others!

      Have a flat out amazing day!

      Sarah 😉

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