4 Things You Can Do Today to Bring Financial Peace



Calm the chaos in the area of finance and bring more financial peace to your life, by spending 15-30 minutes per week every #FinanceFriday or #MoneyMonday.

Today I want to share with you a list of several things you can put on your Sticky Note for #FinanceFriday. You won’t do all of them every week, some will be done once a month. You customize the “Stickies and Spirals for Super Achievers” system so that it works for you and your financial needs.

  1. Get the Bank Deposits ready for this week and take them to the bank.
  2. Balance Your Checkbook(s) as soon as the last month’s statement has arrived.
  3. Download your Credit Card statements into your personal financial software.
  4. Begin to gather receipts for this month’s tax paperwork so that you can close out the month and be ready to start a new one.
  5. Pay your bills (preferably just once a month) using your bank’s bill pay service to save you time and money.

5 Simple Steps to Help Strengthen Your Relationships Using Sticky Notes

  1. SarahLCook #marriagemonday sticky note stickiesandspiralsThink about your marriage or other relationships that are important to you.
  2. Make one sticky note for each person you want to focus on this week to help your relationship with that person grow.
  3. On each sticky note write down a few ways you can show love, affirmation, or support for that person.
  4. Place each note in your #StickiesandSpirals notebook.
  5. Throughout the week jot down any awarenesses or ah-ha’s gleaned from this process so that next week and every week hereafter can just get better and better!

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Systems for Keeping First Things First

STICKIESIf I were to ask you what was MOST important to you, what would you say?

Your faith? Your family? Your health? Your friends? Your creative outlets? Your career? Your wealth?

Now, if I were to ask you how often that MOST IMPORTANT area of your life showed up on your calendar, what would you say?

What I have found in all my years as a business coach, multi-faceted entrepreneur, and mom of three young entrepreneurs, is that scheduling legitimizes any activity.

When you put something in your calendar it shows you and the rest of the world, what is important to you!!

If it’s not showing up as an appointment in your calendar, how do you track that you are actually spending time in the areas that you say are most important to you?

My #StickiesandSpirals system, gives me and all who use it, a method for keeping first things first. Each day, you decide the areas of your life (and business) you want to focus on. You then write reminders and “to do’s” on the sticky notes. This process imprints on your brain the importance of what you have written down and helps you document for yourself what matters most to you! It’s a powerful process!! Want to know more about it? Click HERE!


Sticky Notes and Spiral Notebooks – Organization that Rocks!

Each month I use a spiral notebook to stay organized.  I love the system so much I’ve created a home-study course to teach others how to implement the tools that have worked so effectively for me over the last 21 years in business and as an author, speaker, and mom of three.

To give you a brief intro, I use two pages per day, which gives me plenty of room to track information about appointments and all my communication – emails, phone calls, texts, etc. It also gives me a place to put all of my sticky notes from my brain dump the night before.

I have the following sections in my notebook along with a few others:

  1. Daily (two page spread)
  2. Monthly Projects
  3. Goals
  4. Notes

If the sticky note has something pertaining to what I have to do today, it  goes on the page for today. The cool thing about stickies is that you can move them! If I didn’t get something done today, I simply move it to another day. If an idea for a video or article doesn’t get done this month, I simply move it to my spiral notebook for next month. Sometimes, I decide not to use an idea at all, and then it goes in the recycle bin! :-)

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Have a flat out amazing day!