Family Financial Cents: Fun Family Traditions and Funding the Holidays

Sarah L Cook Sacramento and Company Family Financial Cents

Have you gotten your Holiday Shopping done yet? Have you looked at the bank account and wondered how you are doing to pay for everything on the LISTS of your children?

Take a look at this quick video for tips on how to create fun and frugal family traditions as well as a few ideas on how to fund all the holiday expenses!

Be sure to share your holiday fun ideas below!! :-)

5 Ways to Avoid Holidebt and the Holiday Shopping Trap


  1. Take a deep breath and realize you are not the only family that gets to choose to have a debt free Holiday Season! By making a conscious choice you will feel more in control
  2. Make a list of the “Holiday Expectations and Intentions” so every family member is clear about what they want for the “perfect” holiday season.
  3. Commit to spend ONLY what fits in your budget, no exceptions! There is no “extra check” in January! It’s a BIG FAT MYTH!!
  4. “Employ” some new strategies if you want to spend MORE than what you have in your budget. There are some great ideas in this video to get you started!
  5. Time for New Traditions! Regardless if the budget is tight or not, now is a great time to start some free and low cost traditions to teach your children how to have fun and memorable experiences. The skill of creating fun without the expense will serve them well for years to come.

You can find more ideas on Pinterest! Take a look!