What Do You Do When You Meet a Frown?


Have you ever woken up grumpy and it seems the entire day is filled with frowns and darkness? I sure have!!

Weekday mornings used to come very early for me as a Seminary teacher with a 6:15 AM class filled with sleepy Freshman and Sophomores. I got up dark and early so that I have time to get “cutified” (sometimes more so than others) and grab something…anything to eat as I run out the door with my daughter who attended the Junior/Senior class.

Occasionally, I found myself struggling to get moving, but not today. I awoke this morning dark and earlier than normal (3:45 AM to be exact) with the song, “Smiles” playing in my head. It’s a song I adored when I was a child in Sunday School. Having that song run through my head made me giggle inside and I immediately began the day counting my blessings. The last several days I have woken up with migraines and today I am migraine free. Big SmiFortnight Lilly Out My Windowles for the gifts of health and feeling great!! I thought of the Fortnight Lillies outside my bedroom window and how God fills every corner of the Earth with beauty if we would just simply look for it. Big Smiles for those gifts too! I thought of each the gifts and talents my children have been blessed with and how much those gifts are actually a gift to our family and others in our sphere of influence. I remembered back to a great basketball game Jon and his team played and how he felt so honored to have been “scouted” and asked to come and play with the Middle School team and how much he has grown from that experience. Big Smiles for those gifts as well!

I find that the best way to turn Frowny Days into ones filled with Big Smiles is to put on some new glasses! Through the Lenses of Gratitude, the world looks brighter and more beautiful. Wearing new glasses lets me see the Hand of God in everything and I begin to smile at the Tender Mercies He so lovingly gives me, His Daughter.

I hope this day will bring you Big Smiles!!  Will you do me a favor?  If you chance to meet a frown,  please make the world a better place my passing your smile on and helping someone else have a blessed and beautiful day! When we each take actions to put a smile on our face and pass it on to others, we make the world a better place!!

PS. Isn’t Little Sarah cute?! :-) These pictures were another gift I found dark and early this morning!! :-)

Family Financial Cents: The Art of Living Grateful

The art of Living Grateful Sarah L Cook

The presents are all unwrapped and now it’s time to see things through the Lens of Thankfulness.

Take a look at this quick video for tips on how to learn the Art of Living Grateful and how it can bless you and your family now and throughout your life.

Be sure to share your thoughts on Living Grateful below!! :-)

The Gratitude Transformation

Melinda Balling Sarah L CookForty-two days ago, while sitting in the La Fonda Hotel in Sante Fe, NM, I and nearly 100 other female business owners were issued a challenge by Abundance Mentality Coach, Melinda Balling. For 21 days in a row, we were to make a list of at least ten things we were grateful for every morning before doing anything else.

I’ll be honest, there were some days I didn’t finish my list until just before bedtime, but I always did, The List, and the experience has been nothing short of transformational for me. They say that, “what you focus on grows” and that is what happened for me.

As I began each day by contemplating all the things I was thankful for, I brought my Lens of Gratitude more and more into focus and the more focused it became, the more I saw to be thankful for. It was as if, my “focusing”, increased the flow of blessings into my life.

The process began a couple of weeks before Christmas and making the list each day gave me the blessing of SLOWING DOWN and meditating on all that was good in my life. As I settled into a slower pace (which is REALLY not something I was accustomed to), I began to notice more and more of the Little Things in my life, my family, and my business which allowed me to make choices to strengthen my relationships, shift some things in my business, and truly ENJOY life!

I decided today, to share with you just 42 of the blessings I discovered on my transformational journey.

I AM grateful for:

  1. The time between sleep and awaking when inspiration comes as a Divine Download (that’s what Melinda calls it).
  2. The privilege of having a new day to create my life to feel the way I want it to – to serve, live, love, share, forgive, and remember more clearly who I truly am and what I am here for!
  3. Being able to play Dance Central with my kids, thus bringing me health, movement, fun, stronger relationships, and memories of happy times for years to come.
  4. Flexibility in my schedule to design my life and business exactly the way I want to and not have to answer to anyone.
  5. Finding “made for me” wardrobe pieces when I go shopping.
  6. Lunch with John and Nancy Dubensky at the airport in Sante Fe.
  7. My favorite Vega Vanilla Almondilla vegan protein powder to keep me powered up throughout the day.
  8. My feet feeling great in spite of walking so much.
  9. FUN new friends from all over the world.
  10. A wonderful new virtual assistant.
  11. Waking up JUST before the alarm so that I am not startled by it and can ease into to waking with affirmations and scripture.
  12. WiFi signal from the church parking lot so I can get things done while my teens attend their Seminary class at DARK in the morning.
  13. Sac&Co Executive producer booking me for all of 2013 for my Family Financial Cents segment!
  14. Little Man (9 yo) coming up with his business – Jack Jon’s Personal Assisting and getting Advanced on his business presentation.
  15. My daughter’s “Take-and-Bake” cookie sale going so well, that she more than paid for her camp this coming summer and she did ALL the work!
  16. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY clients that adore me!
  17. Getting mentioned on “Making it in America” show for our book, The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO kids
  18. Letting go of SO MANY THINGS while in Sante Fe with the assistance of Master Coach, Deb Erickson.
  19. My husband’s book, Grow Your Marriage By Leaps and Boundaries, being published and the first printing being SOLD OUT!
  20. Watching, The Letter Writer with my daughter and then sending it on to a friend for her birthday – the beginning of a Ripple Effect! :-)
  21. Quiet mornings working via the light of our beautiful Christmas tree.
  22. That I still have my children to experience life with while so many others have lost theirs.
  23. doTerra oils that have helped my entire family with so many things from skin flare ups, to migraines, to allergies, and more! Life is so much more enjoyable!
  24. A beautiful website redesign by my dear friend and strategic partner – the one and only , Sweetie Berry!
  25. The Goodwill on 16th and L that has all my favorite brands for pennies on the dollar! Being frugal is fabulous!
  26. Re-learning that DELEGATION is an eternal principle to be embraced!
  27. Saving/investing over 10% in 2012 and paying off the family car in less than 2.5 years!
  28. My 16 yo got a B in his first college class!
  29. The children riding their bikes to take dinner to a neighbor family and loving the experience of helping serve others.
  30. When I pray, Father answers!
  31. Connecting with wonderful people all over the world via social media! Tech ROCKS!
  32. People in my life that make me want to be better, do better, have better, and share better!
  33. The inspired re-connection to my dear friend, Wendy Blake Cutler!  WOW! What a road trip!
  34. Confirmation that WORDS create and can be used as poison or life force!
  35. The best Birthday EVER – breakfast in bed, quiet time to read, oatmeal spice cake, and pumpkin Crème brûlée from my dear friend, Yvonne McCord.
  36. My youngest son learning bigger responsibility by taking care of the neighbor’s dogs for over a week with a lot of help from my husband.
  37. Businesses growing in ways that I didn’t even imagine!
  38. Playing a role in helping people come to Christ.
  39. The experience of Debriefing 2012 — powerful to see where my mindset was in all the different areas of my life and what I created because of my mindset! Clearly, I am a great CREATOR!
  40. Seeing the Windows of Heaven open in so many different areas of my life!
  41. Finding a new school for my daughter for next school year – the perfect match!
  42. 63% off on my groceries and FREE bouquet of spring flowers as I was checking out! Of course, this gratitude and intention stuff works!

Here’s to another 21 days and a transformation for YOU too! :-)