4 Tips to Teach Kids About Shopping and Spending Money Wisely

SarahLCook teaching kids about spending wisely1. Teach and Lead by Example

2. Use the GISS System – Give, Invest, Save, and Spend

3. Empower kids with age-appropriate financial experiences.

4. Encourage kids to make their own wise purchases with money they have earned.

 How do you teach your kids about money? Don’t be shy, share your ideas with others by commenting below! Spread the word about financial literacy for kids and families by posting on your favorite social media sites!! 

Mobile and Online Banking Perks and Tips: Making it Secure

  1. Prevent Phishing – Never follow a banking link sent to you in a text message or e-mail unless you requested the link from your bank directly. Also, never send account info via email or text.
  2. WiFi Network “No No” – Never use a public WiFi to access your bank accounts.
  3. Authentic Apps – In general, a bank’s official smart phone or tablet app will be more secure than sending information by SMS or e-mail.
  4. Login Laziness – Your mobile device may let you store your password to make login faster, but this also makes your banking info more accessible to anyone who uses your phone.
  5. Keep Away From Keyloggers –  Mobile devices are less prone to malware attacks than computers, but still be very careful when downloading all apps — not just your banking app, but all apps.
  6. Lock Down Logic – If your device has a digital locking mechanism, use it!