Finance Friday: Getting Your College Cash

If you have a college student, college-bound student or you are a student; you may have heard of he FAFSA. It is an online questionnaire/application that helps the federal government as well as colleges/universities you are interested in be able to determine how much financial aide to offer you. Take a look at some of the tips I share today on Sac and Co:

Family Financial Cents: Creative Ways to Get Cash for College

Cash for College Sac and Co

Do you have children and you are wondering how to pay for college? If your tween or teen has some entrepreneurial skills, there may be some great “college cash” available to them. Starting a business so young can open up opportunities for scholarships, grants, mentoring partnerships, and more.

Regardless of your child’s entrepreneurial drive, be sure to have them track things that will help them apply for those scholarship and college applications later. Things like leadership experience, service hours, special interests and, extracurricular activities are all an important piece of standing out when it comes to getting into college and getting cash for college.

The contest with Clarkston University is over, but leave a comment below and I’ll get the College Cash Tracker emailed off to you! :-)