It’s Tax Time!

Sarah L Cook SacandCo Mellisa Paul Trimming ChristmasAre you pulling your hair out yet trying to gather all the paperwork together to file your taxes? Have you promised yourself, “This year things will be different so that next tax season won’t be such a nightmare!”?

Sacramento and Company host, Mellisa Paul I talked about taxes and how to keep more of the money you’ve earned for your family! The video replay of the segment is below for you to watch!!!

Now, I’m bringing you MORE ideas for organization and tax savings (after all there’s only so much you can fit into a 5 min segment)! Can you see the advantage of a hassle-free tax season? Then register for the FREE webinar I am hosting called, Systems for Stress Free Tax Season!

Travel Faster! Tips for Getting Where you Need to Go Without the Stress!

Have you ever been in a long security line at the airport?

Me too and I’m not a big fan of standing in them any longer than I have t!

Here are a few tips for getting through security faster:

1. Take off all jewelry and put it in a zip-lock bag or other case inside your purse.
2. Wear lightweight flip flops so you can easily slip them off and on. When you finally get to your destination, put on the shoes you will be wearing to your event.
3. Wear clothes that don’t have any metallic threads or you will likely set off the metal detector and have to endure a thorough pat down. (Yep, this happened to me on my most recent trip to Portland. 😉 I had on a gorgeous blue sweater made of metallic threads and the security scanner went off like crazy awarding me a full-body pat down. U.G.H!)
4. Have your laptop in an easily accessible area so you can quickly put it in it’s own bin for scanning and then back in your bag afterwards.
5. Follow the “rules” about what you can and can’t pack or be willing to leave your prized 4 oz lotions and shower gels at the security check point. (Yes, this almost happened to me on my most recent trip to Atlanta. The super nice security guard ran the detector over all the MK products I had forgotten to put in my checked luggage. Oops! He was nice enough to let me take it with me, but gave me fair warning that others may not be as nice. ;-))

I would love to hear your tips for traveling faster and having an enjoyable vacation or business trip. Leave a comment below or join the conversation on Facebook! 😉