Welcome to Sarah’s Kitchen!!

13048082_10154140592269520_6742545588193498262_oI’m so happy you are here to join me in one of my favorite places in my house…. my kitchen!! Pull up a chair and join me for some keifer and a gluten free cookie!!

The kitchen wasn’t always a placed I loved to be…

I loathed the piles of dishes that seemed to magically appear at the end of each day.

I hated the bewitching hours between 3:30 and 6:30 when the whole world is hungry and everyone asks, “What’s for dinner?”

I detested looking in the pantry and fridge for something…anything that would allow me to feel nourished and happy without tasting like cod liver oil, wheat bran, or apple cider vinegar. (Forgive me if those are your favorite things to eat.)

Just waking into the kitchen used to leave me feeling depressed, hopeless and uninspired. For awhile, I lost weight, because I simply couldn’t bring myself to eat and for a girl who loves food, that was saying something.

13119780_10154146771154520_3425769967423030349_oSince I have taught myself to cook with organic fruits and veggies and other healthy and healing ingredients, I not only feel better, but I look better and I am having a ton of fun in my kitchen!!

12764379_10153958829944520_6862924409951683001_oI love taking photos of my kitchen creations and you can keep up with me on Sarah L Cook on Instagram and if you only want to see the foodie pics I post, follow the hashtag: #SarahLCooksKitchen

Bookmark this page so that you can come back to it often to see all of my favorite things to use in my kitchen!! I’ll be starting to curate this page over between now and Mother’s Day so you’ll have fabulous ideas to give to all the Mothering women in your life!!

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