Mompreneurs Making Do! It’s Show Time!

Today I made another appearance on Sacramento and Company! I love being on the show and the crew is so fabulous to work with, but I still get a few pre-show jitters. Last night I was trying to figure out which outfit to wear and decided on this red dress, only the v-neck was way to low in the front and I didn’t really want to wear something under it, so I opted to “fix it myself”.

How do you do that though when you’re the only one home? Well, you sew it while wearing it of course! 😉 It turned out just fine and the show went great as well.

Here’s Six more Secrets I learned since my first appearance last July

1. Try on your COMPLETE outfit ahead of time including accessories and shoes.

2. Pack all your jewelry ahead of time in your purse. This will save you the stress of trying to find the matching earrings 5 minutes before you need to leave the house.

3. Have an emergency essentials bag with you: extra hose (if you are wearing them), lip gloss, beauty blotters, powder, liners, hand cream, mints…

4. Take pictures… lots of them! You can use them for SO many things! More on that later! 😉 Oh, and bring someone with you to take the pictures! My daughter had that assignment this time and did a GREAT job!

5. Introduce yourself to all the other guests! You never know what fabulous connections you will make on the set, so be prepared with business cards.

6. Schedule tweets and FB posts to go out just before the show goes live! You may not have time to do it while you are on the set, but you want your fans, friends, and followers to know when it’s airing! Scheduling posts in advance takes care of the reminders without causing you any stress!

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