International Women’s Day: What It Means To Be a Female Entrepreneur

In the last 18 months that I have been online (on social media, blogging, etc), I have met some of the most wonderful women of all ages.

Today is International Women’s Day and I want to celebrate by spotlighting some of my favorite women and their thoughts on what it means to be a female entrepreneur:

My parents always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and goals. I think it is just as important for girls and women to do that as it is for boys and men. There are a lot of businesses where women think differently about products and services and are better able to connect with customers. My business at is an example as I make fun hearing aid jewelry and tube twists. Most of my customers are young girls and since I’m a young girl I have a very good idea of what they would be interested in! – Hayleigh Scott

Although I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, I never had any plans to become an entrepreneur. I believe we should make things happen but not force things to happen. Sometimes when you least expect it, the best opportunity is right in front of you. What you do with it is up to you. I chose to take advantage of a few of my opportunities and combine them into one venture. Now I am able to share my creative skills and life experiences with other parents, entrepreneurs, writers, and speakers. It’s always good to love what you do!

-Nancy O’Neill,

Choosing to empower projects as an entrepreneur allows me the freedom to be present when I need to focus on my husband or children’s lives, and yet to also be fully supportive of the speakers, authors, and companies I create new projects with…..

what traditional job is going to allow that kind of freedom, or reward?

– Sweetie Berry, She’s So There

Ideas change the world.  And since females often come from different perspectives than men, it is important that our ideas – our voices – be heard. Enter the female entrepreneur – a passionate, dedicated, and motivated individual.  We pursue our ideas with the knowledge that we can make a difference, we can make the world a better place for our children.  And a better world for our children is one where male and female voices are heard equally.

-Karyn Hodgens,

To me being a female entrepreneur and its importance to me has EVERYTHING to do with God-given purpose, and much less to do with the fact that I can make my own money. It has to do with the opportunity to reach personal goals through the way I believe I am wired and designed by God to be able to create hope, joy, and mentoring to my family, my community, and myself. When I find myself focused on creating good things through the gifts I’ve been given, I find I’m able to live out my purposes, and then consequently I find that I make money too. I have a legacy to leave for my family and those I’m supposed to cross paths with, and if I do anything but that…I’m hiding, no I’m denying…the woman, the entrepreneur, the legacy creator, the follower of Christ I am asked to be in this world. 

-Maruxa Murphy,

I love both: being a woman and being an entrepreneur. As a woman I enjoy spending my time with my family and my kids and enriching lives of other people. As an entrepreneur I am able to make all this a reality. Women are amazing, complex beings full of passion, energy, and compassion. There are no boundaries in women world. We are all unique, but still so much alike. We love, we get hurt very easily, we laugh, we cry, we fall and thrive. We stumble and overcome, we trust and we change. We all hope for a better world and make our best to make it happen. We are women and this is our day. Let’s celebrate in style!

-Silvia Pencak

To me, entrepreneurship is about empowerment and looking at the world from a “can do” perspective.

It’s about not being dependent upon others, taking initiative to create new products and delivering those products to others in order to make their lives better.

-Melissa Rose,

Women  have attacked the concept of business with a new model- different than how it was set up several decades ago. My determination to help other moms transition from full time working parent to successful self-employed parent has grown from my own experiences. Prior to becoming a self-employed parent, I spent several years in various creative roles at ABC Television on the Disney lot, and although my time there was rewarding,  it wasn’t until my first son was born that I came to realize my true calling in life. Like so many other women, my determination was fueled by my  love of my children and my passion for helping others, and it ultimately led to my success as a self-made, stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. I am determined to help other’s deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business while still running a household, and I am resolute about creating a haven in which moms across the nation will continue to thrive and will get the support they need in their personal journeys.  -Ally Loprete,

I will use the eloquent words of Eve Ensler to express why being a Female Entrepreneur is so colossally important: Eve describes “the girl cell” (which we all have) as “it’s compassion and it’s empathy and it’s passionate-self and it’s vulnerability and it’s openness and it’s intensity and it’s association and it’s relationship and it is intuitive.” But… “The whole world has essentially been brought up to not be a girl.” “Denying girl has led us here — where we have come to live in a world where the destruction of the earth is completely out of control. And because we are suppressing our girl-ship, we do not FEEL what is going on. So we are not being charged with the adequate response to what is happening.” Female Entrepreneurs are more than important. We are “essential to balance, to wisdom, and actually to the future of us all”.

Jeanne Demers,

Being a female entrepreneur means taking risks. Taking risks means there is a chance of failure and each failure means becoming one step closer to success. Never forget that a “success-only” policy guarantees one thing: no successes.

-Emily-Anne Rigal,


  1. Thanks to all the beautiful women that inspire, encourage, and empower me as a female/mom entrepreneur! You are the best ever!

  2. Nancy O'Neill says:

    What an honor to be included in such a great group of entrepreneurs. Thanks for taking the time to put this article together and share your resources. You are one AMAZING entrepreneur yourself! Keep going.

  3. It’s an absolute honor to have been included here. Sarah, thanks so much. You have given us all a gift today – the gift to celebrate each other and the power we have to encourage and support more female entrepreneurs! Thank yu!

  4. I am not worthy! So proud to be featured here with so many amazing women. Thank you for being such an inspiration ladies. We have such power to make a difference, and I am beyond words to describe my excitement to see all that is being accomplished out there. Happy ♀ Day!

  5. Jeanne Demers says:

    Oh, I needed this today. Sometimes being a female entrepreneur feels like such heavy lifting (yesterday was a big push of a day and I’m feeling a bit burnt out today). But I am inspired to tears to read the wise, uplifting and compassionate words here. THANK YOU, ladies!! And thank you Sarah, for all you do and share and are <3!

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