Family Financial Cents: Ways to Say, “I Love You” without Breaking the Bank

Sarah L Cook Sacramento and Company

To see a short video I did called “Giving Love to Those Who Matter Most”, click here.

To read a short post I did on examples of gifts you can make for under $6, visit Dare Whimsy.

What love language do you speak? What language do your loved ones, co-workers and clients speak? Please share your comments below and we can all learn together! :-)

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  1. […] Sarah says: Giving gifts doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but to be received well the giver would wisely consider the Love Language spoken by the recipient. This picture represents 4 of the 5 Love Languages. The, “You Are Loved” coupon book can be redeemed for multiple Acts of Service which show love very clearly to a person who speaks that language. The “M&Ms Scavenger Hunt” represents the language of Quality Time and will be a fun way to lovingly engage for the giver and receiver. The “Open When…” stack of love letters will bring days of love spoken to one who hears love best in Words of Affirmation. The, “I Love You” custom tile quote is a gift that keeps giving as the receiver can read over and over how they are loved and were shown love through the language of Receiving Gifts. Each of these gifts cost less than $6, but they meant a great deal to those who received them and most importantly they felt loved, affirmed and appreciated. Read more from Sarah  […]

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