Mompreneurs Making Do! It’s Show Time!

Today I made another appearance on Sacramento and Company! I love being on the show and the crew is so fabulous to work with, but I still get a few pre-show jitters. Last night I was trying to figure out which outfit to wear and decided on this red dress, only the v-neck was way to low in the front and I didn’t really want to wear something under it, so I opted to “fix it myself”.

How do you do that though when you’re the only one home? Well, you sew it while wearing it of course! 😉 It turned out just fine and the show went great as well.

Here’s Six more Secrets I learned since my first appearance last July

1. Try on your COMPLETE outfit ahead of time including accessories and shoes.

2. Pack all your jewelry ahead of time in your purse. This will save you the stress of trying to find the matching earrings 5 minutes before you need to leave the house.

3. Have an emergency essentials bag with you: extra hose (if you are wearing them), lip gloss, beauty blotters, powder, liners, hand cream, mints…

4. Take pictures… lots of them! You can use them for SO many things! More on that later! 😉 Oh, and bring someone with you to take the pictures! My daughter had that assignment this time and did a GREAT job!

5. Introduce yourself to all the other guests! You never know what fabulous connections you will make on the set, so be prepared with business cards.

6. Schedule tweets and FB posts to go out just before the show goes live! You may not have time to do it while you are on the set, but you want your fans, friends, and followers to know when it’s airing! Scheduling posts in advance takes care of the reminders without causing you any stress!

Girlfriend Friday: Sweetie Berry – Strategist, Wordsmith, and MORE!

Sweetie Berry is a high-energy catalyst whose one desire is to cultivate projects that empower people. She is a visionary and strategist capable of seeing not only the big picture, but also the small details and how all things should fit together. This gift allows Sweetie to take the messy parts of brilliance and make something beautiful, functional, and something that creates wins for all parties involved in the project. She is gifted in discerning where people’s gifts fit in projects and on teams. Sweetie carefully chooses the most reliable resource making her recommendations valuable to all she works with. Sweetie always gives more than is required and her newest project, Basics Matter is sure to be a success it bringing people back to the most important things in home, life, and business.

What I love most about Basics Matter is that the focus is on FIRST things FIRST! So take a moment and go look over at Basics Matter!

Among all the titles Sweetie holds, it’s my privilege to also call her, “my friend”.

Go Mobile: Systems and Secrets for Working Anywhere

With three children and a very small house, “my main office” is in my bedroom. This area also serves as the school area for my daughter who does home school and it’s the place where my husband works when he’s not at the university teaching.

Since everyone else uses “my office”, it’s sometimes hard to get work done when I need to. So what do I do? I go MOBILE! We have WiFi in our home and I simply take all my “mobile office stuff” and head to my fabulous “auto office and recording studio”.

My Mobile Office Stuff consists of:

  1. Mac Book Pro and Mic – I bring the mic if I am recording audio for podcasts, video voice-overs.
  2. Plantronics headset – I have had four of these phones over the years and I am about to buy another one so that I can have two fully charged at all times. It has fabulous sound quality and it allows me to be hands-free. It also doesn’t put the strain on my neck that normal phones do.
  3. iPhone – this has all of my contacts and allows me to send immediate follow-up texts to people I have conversations with while working in my “mobile office”
  4. Supply caddy – glue, tape, scissors, sharpies, pens, pencils…really anything I may need while working.
  5. Spiral notebook – Each month I work from a new spiral. It allows me to stay organized, track my progress and so much more.
  6. Sticky notes – to jot down notes, follow up, brain dumping,
  7. Snacks – so don’t have any excuse to go back into the house if I am working and get a little hungry before my lunch break.
  8. Water – One of things I struggle with is staying hydrated, so having the water with me allows me to get enough in my system throughout the day.
  9. Project supplies, if needed – This just really depends on what I am working on.

Do you have a mobile office system for when you need to “get up and go” to get work done?  What works for you in getting work done while raising a family?I would love to hear your tips below! 😉

Travel Faster! Tips for Getting Where you Need to Go Without the Stress!

Have you ever been in a long security line at the airport?

Me too and I’m not a big fan of standing in them any longer than I have t!

Here are a few tips for getting through security faster:

1. Take off all jewelry and put it in a zip-lock bag or other case inside your purse.
2. Wear lightweight flip flops so you can easily slip them off and on. When you finally get to your destination, put on the shoes you will be wearing to your event.
3. Wear clothes that don’t have any metallic threads or you will likely set off the metal detector and have to endure a thorough pat down. (Yep, this happened to me on my most recent trip to Portland. 😉 I had on a gorgeous blue sweater made of metallic threads and the security scanner went off like crazy awarding me a full-body pat down. U.G.H!)
4. Have your laptop in an easily accessible area so you can quickly put it in it’s own bin for scanning and then back in your bag afterwards.
5. Follow the “rules” about what you can and can’t pack or be willing to leave your prized 4 oz lotions and shower gels at the security check point. (Yes, this almost happened to me on my most recent trip to Atlanta. The super nice security guard ran the detector over all the MK products I had forgotten to put in my checked luggage. Oops! He was nice enough to let me take it with me, but gave me fair warning that others may not be as nice. ;-))

I would love to hear your tips for traveling faster and having an enjoyable vacation or business trip. Leave a comment below or join the conversation on Facebook! 😉

Girlfriend Friday: Grace Brooke – Simplify and Thrive

Grace Brooke, organizer extraordinaire, has the experience and talent to help YOU simplify your world and thrive.

Whether you’re a family stuck in clutter, a student struggling with academics, or a service professional looking for ways to maximize your efforts, Grace Brooke works wonders. Her passion, energy, humor, and electrifying attitude will show you how to see the solution, not the mayhem. Through Grace’s one to one consulting, classes, seminars, blog, and videos she has helped thousands of people just like you go from overwhelmed to action and accomplishments.

In November I met Grace at the California Museum in Sacramento where we were both involved in the Big Event with Brian Sharp. Over the last several weeks of talking to Grace and seeing some of her systems and organizational style, I just knew I had to bring her to YOU!

It just so happens that Grace is hosting an Office Overhaul January 9th – 30th, and while I don’t make a dime from referring you to this class, I know it will be fabulous and I am looking forward to being a part of it!

Organization just makes me H.A.P.P.Y! 😉 Whenever I am frustrated or stressed, I organize! If I need a break from a big project, I organize. If I am on the phone with clients or a girlfriend….you got it! I organize! That being said, EVEN IF YOU DON’T LOVE to ORGANIZE as much as I do, but you need to GET ORGANIZED, this is the class for you! I will be teaching part of the course during the week of January 23rd and I am super excited about the systems and strategies I will be sharing with you! So hop on over and register, there’s a seat waiting for you! Upon checkout, be sure to email Grace a message letting her know I sent you. 😉

The Secret 7

I had the opportunity to talk with a wonderful group of women at The BAM Project in Roseville. I shared with them something called The Secret 7 and today I want to share The Secret 7 with you!

First off, WHY 7?  Well, it starts with S so it’s catchy when you say Sarah’s Secret Seven…but there is a lot more to it.

I wanted it to be much more symbolic than that. I wanted it to have more meaning.

In the Hebrew language, seven ([b’v, – Sheh’-bah) is from a root word meaning to be complete or full. This can be clearly seen from the first time a variant of this word is used in the Bible (Genesis 2:1-3) where 7 also represents rest and perfection.

So when talking about systems and strategies for growing your business with joy, integrity and peace it only makes sense that there would be 7 of them to create the completeness, perfection, and rest or peace in our business and in our life.

 So here they are, The Secret 7!  

  1. Make The Decision

  2. Know What You Don’t Know

  3. Engage the Gifts

  4. Manage You

  5. What Comes In?

  6. What Says That & Where Does it Say It?

  7. Where Is It Going and How Does It Get There?

Are you intrigued with what all of those mean? Do you want to know more? Then hop over to The Secret 7 Webinar Page and register! It’s FREE!

I can’t wait to share all my secrets with you! 😉  

Get Gorgeous and GO!

As a mompreneur with three young CEO Kids, I am often on the Go, Go, Go to places where I need to look fabulous (such as when I speak, or do a TV appearance, or work with clients as an Image Consultant and Makeup Artist).

Once when we were late to an early morning appointment, and I was waiting for kids to hop in the car, I decided that I would use the time to put my makeup on rather waiting to put it on when I got home. It was pure serendipity! I discovered that the best place for “getting gorgeous” was right there in my Mary Kay car.

Now, DON’T do this while driving, only do it while the car is stopped! 

The natural light from outside allowed me to truly see where I needed to blend more, apply more, and even where I needed to quickly tweeze a few brow hairs. 😉  The visor mirror gave me an up-close look so I could do a fabulous job on my liners and mascara!

Love that the car my Mary Kay business provides me to drive for free, also provides me with so many options to help me get things done!

Leave a comment about what you do in the car to save you time and help you get things done!!

Here’s to Getting Gorgeous on the GO!!

A New Twist on the To Do List

Let me ask you a question – are you getting the Most Important things done in your life and business?

For the last sixteen years or so I have used a 6 Most Important Things list. It’s a great list, the only problem is I could never stop with just six. This tendency to have a LONG list produced the hassle of narrowing the list rather than getting sucked into doing just the EASY things on the list. Can you relate?

Now, I spend a bit of time each day or at least every few days, DUMPING my BRAIN. After everything has been written down that “needs” to get done, I choose the TOP 2 things that I  MUST DO – that are MOST IMPORTANT to grow my business. After doing those two things, I go back to where I wrote everything from the Brain Dump and choose two more. As you tackle the Most Important things, you will have more confidence and energy to keep accomplishing and you won’t get overwhelmed by such a long list!

I would love to hear how you approach accomplishing tasks in your life and business! 😉 What system works for you? If you decide to try the Top 2 system, let me know how that works for you by leaving a comment here or on my Facebook page!

Reasons for Overcoming A Fear Worse Than Death

It used to be that you could not pay me any amount of money to speak in public. In fact my fear of speaking was so strong that my Kindergarten teacher wrote about it in my end-of-the-year report card. The next several years, all of my teachers made about the same comment, “Sarah needs to speak up more”.

So how did I go from not speaking, to now getting paid to speak and having much of my business revolve around speaking in public and in the media?

It all started with me realizing that the reasons for “speaking up” were more important that the reasons for not “speaking up.”

In high school, my reasons were about passion to help others. I was Key Club president and part of Amnesty International and SADD. I traveled to Europe in my Junior year as part of the organization People to People International. I became a story teller at the local Library and a Candy Striper at the local hospital. My involvement in all of those organizations required me to “speak up” about causes I believed in. I overcame my fear because my passion for what I was doing was so high.

Can you think of some things you are passionate about – so much so, that you would be willing to overcome a fear of speaking?

Later in college I became part of a direct sales company where I became even more confident in speaking in front of people.

Now  I speak nearly every week on teleseminars, radio, TV, in front of lunch groups or at large conferences!

Speaking allows you to do several things to grow your business as well! Here are just a few of them:

  1. Speaking enlarges your audience: Even a “small” blogger at a conference has at least 140 people that they know and influence. When they are impressed after hearing you speak they may share about you with those in their sphere of influence.
  2. Speaking gives you opportunities to be heard by people who wouldn’t ever read your blog and in so doing expands you to their audiences.
  3. Speaking gives you opportunities to be a guest speaker at “local events” or to “local groups” because people typically bring locally the people they have already met and know, like, and trust.
  4. Speaking increases the possibility of future free or low cost advertising with the people who will now know, like, and trust you after seeing you speak.

Take a moment and think about your own reasons for “speaking up”. What are they and how will you begin “speaking up” more? Leave a comment below! 😉

If you are looking for someone to speak at a event, lunch group, or conference; I would love to speak to you!

Who’s Watching You?

Have you ever considered that question, “Who’s watching you?

As a mom entrepreneur who works from home, I am very aware that 3 pairs of eyes are always on me. Among other things, my children see my work ethic, my engagement with clients and others, my reaction to goals achieved and not achieved, as well as how I conduct my “private” life.

If you are a parent entrepreneur, what are your children seeing in you?

It’s not just your kids though, people all over the world are watching you when you are online and engaged in social media. This darling video reminded me again, that others are watching, and that I want to make the very best impression I can and live the kind of life that I’ll be proud of when I leave this earth.

I did some reflection while listening to Rodney sing and realized there were some areas that I wanted to be sure my children and others see clearly in me. For example, when I am “watched”, I want others to see that I value me and take time to take care of me. I want them to see that I put God first in my life, my family second, and my business third, but not thirty-third. I want others to see  that I value people over things and that I treasure my family and love and respect my husband.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you hope others SEE when their watching you! Feel free to share them below! 😉