5 Great Startup Ideas for Students

5 Great Startup Ideas for Students1. Start a Janitorial Service

Cleaning business offices is easy to schedule around your school schedule, and the work doesn’t go home with you! The low start-up cost and easy marketing can make you money quickly. After college, you may not have to apply for any jobs if your cleaning business is big enough. Remember that it’s a commitment just like school, so take it seriously!

2. Offer Help as a Virtual Assistant

Many students are technically savvy, which is in demand for many business owners. Without leaving the dorm room, students can handle some of the repetitive work of running a business, including research and social media. Offering your help as a virtual assistant has a business curve, but there are many job boards out there that will let you tackle basic projects to start.

3. Write for a Content Marketing Firm

If you don’t mind writing, there are plenty of content marketing opportunities popping up these days. It can be a great little business for a student with flexible hours and little to no startup costs.

4. Clean Houses

Starting a home cleaning business doesn’t require much capital, and you can schedule your jobs around your class schedule. You can also take on new clients as you like so you don’t become overloaded with school and work.

5. Transport Belongings in College Towns

In college towns there is a real need to help people move at the beginning and end of semesters. You can rent a few trucks and have a large profit margin in a short amount of time.

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