Family Financial Cents: Water Wise Families

Tweet If you have seen the news in the last several months or driven through California’s Central Valley, you know that we are in a serious drought! It’s easy to shake our heads and say, “Something needs to be done about the drought situation”. We can point fingers as to where all the water went […]

Bringing Home Baby: Financial Tips for Your Growing Family

Tweet You know it’s spring when you start getting baby announcements and wedding and graduation invites. Spring and summer are times when you see lots of family changes, and with changes often come expenses. In this Family Financial Cents segment, I discuss how expectant parents must choose to be proactive about bringing baby home and […]

Family Financial Cents: I LOVE Saving!

Tweet It’s been said that, “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy choices,” and choices can often create a more comfortable life. With CHOICES in mind, if I were to ask you what your heart’s desire was right now, what would you say? What choices would you truly like to be able to make […]