Ginger Almond Energy Bites

My son made cookies by himself a few days ago. It was his first time making cookies without my daughter’s help and they turned out really well! I didn’t have a single bite because the ingredients were pure poison to my body, but they sure looked good and made wonder if I could create something treatish with items […]

Want to Brighten Someones Day? Do this!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy a handwritten card sent from a client brought to me today. #MyHandsomeMan has been super sick the past several days and I haven’t slept well which means my cheer quotient was on the low side. Thanks to this lovely doTERRA Cheer blend and her sweet […]

What I Learned While Walking 5 Miles in the Rain

Have you ever done something you’ve done before many times only to have the outcome be completely different…even life changing? Just before spring break started, I asked my youngest son what he wanted to do to make his vacation memorable and fun. He gave me a list of ideas and one of them was to […]